Who Is God? Who Am I?

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WIGWAI Front Cover.jpg

Who Is God? Who Am I?


You need to know who God is before you can fully understand who you are.

Have you ever wrestled with wondering who you are? Not your job title or your social status, but the person underneath it all… at the core?

Have you ever wondered who God really is? He is not the poor example many have portrayed. He is not even the God taught by some “religious” people. So who is He?

Do you ever wish someone would explain Him in a way you can understand?

This book is not written by a scholar, priest or pastor, but by an ordinary person trying to find out for herself the truth about who God is. Join her on this fascinating journey and you just might find out that God is not who you thought He was.

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Author Bio:

L. Young has written many things, but this is her first book. Through some devastation came hidden beauty from ashes. She journaled and wrote down some things that gave answers to some of her questions. Through this exploration, she found these understandable answers gave her the guidance she needed. She wrote this book to share her discoveries with others who may be hurting, searching, or feeling hopeless and alone. L. Young has also written and recorded songs with the same intent.