Total Life Management

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Total Life Managment Final Front Cover.jpg

Total Life Management


Total Life Management's first edition was the first book printed and distributed by Dr. John N. Chacha. Based on God’s word and Jesus-centered, it continues to be one of the most requested of his books. We have received numerous testimonies from people who have succeeded in life as a result of reading this book and applying the powerful principles in it—despite limitations, disadvantages and poor environment.

The principles shared in Total Life Management will:

  • Open new vistas and give new meaning to your life.

  • Help you understand your priorities, resources and abilities.  

  • Give you the foundation to aid in financial and spiritual growth, as well as build your destiny.

  • Help you to become a better:

    • Student or teacher

    • Follower or leader

    • Husband or wife

    • Father or mother

  • Help you learn how to evaluate yourself and maximize your potential.

  • Provide you with workable principles for a productive and meaningful Christian life.

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Author Bio:

Dr. Chacha lived an amazing life. Born on January 15, 1955 in a small village in Western Tanzania, he was the oldest of ten children. Although Dr. Chacha left his native land and completed his higher education in the United States, he had a heart for Africa and for the nations. After his education and marriage, he founded Teamwork Ministries International, Inc. based in Martinsville, Virginia and focused his ministry on writing books, developing church-based Bible schools, and speaking in conferences and seminars around the world. He has written over twenty books. After years of ministry, in 2007, he had a vision to return to his home village “to transform communities and to redeem and save young people who have been forgotten by life.” Out of this vision, he and his wife established City of Hope in his home village in Tanzania. The center serves as an orphanage for 100 children, a primary school for 450 students and a medical center for the community. COH was positioned to bring peace and hope through serving people in need. Dr. Chacha was recognized for peace-building efforts by a visit of President Kikwete (of Tanzania) to COH. Dr Chacha is survived by his wife, Regina, who is now the executive director of Teamwork Ministries, and their children: Son – Mwita and daughter-in-law Monica, Son: Imani, and Daughters: Susan, Tenzi, Rose, Sarah and the all the children at COH who considered him to be their father. Since his passing, the work has continued, resulting in the opening of the Dr. Chacha Secondary School and Institute of Leadership in 2017. Though he is gone, his well-managed life continues to inspire through his books and his legacy at City of Hope.