The Pierced Generation


The Pierced Generation

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Author: Dr. Sandy Kirk
Paperback, 108 Pages

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This book touches a raw nerve in the heart of a fatherless generation. It looks squarely into the face of pain, but then it draws your gaze to the blood-soaked face of the One who took your pain. As you focus deeply on God’s love poured out at Calvary, you will discover His answer to the heartache of a whole generation. The Holy Spirit will carve a love wound into your heart, filling it with the fire of revival and igniting you as a revivalist of the Cross. Read these pages and He will wipe away every scar, leaving only one: He will PIERCE your heart forever with a revelation of the Lamb. That’s why we call this book THE PIERCED GENERATION.

About the Author:

Dr. Sandy’s heart burns to bring Jesus, the Lamb who was slain, the reward of His suffering. She also carries a deep burden and love for the young generation. Often ministering with a team of “young revivalists,” she teaches in Bible Colleges around the world. She and her team lead “Unquenchable Flame” and “Revivalists of the Cross” Internships at a beautiful campgrounds on the Gulf Coast. She earned her Ph.D. at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.