The Watchman on The Wall

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Intercession and Intercessors Cover.jpg

The Watchman on The Wall


Prayer, as Brian Kisner points out in the introduction of this succinct book, is one of the prominent themes of the Bible. Prayer is one of God’s greatest gifts to His children. And a life of prayer is the calling of every Christ-follower, without exception.

Supplication (petition), or making a personal request for God’s provision, is the most common form of prayer for most believers, and it is perfectly correct and appropriate. A deeper level of prayer, however, a level that draws one closer to the very heart and presence of God, is intercession, a prayer of supplication on behalf of someone else.

Every Christian has cause and occasion to pray intercessory prayers. But there are some whom God calls to a ministry of intercession, and it is these individuals who are graced by the Lord to “stand in the gap” in intercession for individuals, nations, and the fulfilling of the mighty purposes of God in the earth among men.

If you sense a drawing to a ministry of intercession, or if you simply want to better understand intercession so you can pray for others more effectively, you will find much help and encouragement in this warm and rich guide from the heart of an experienced intercessor.

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Author Bio: 

Brian vowed to serve God in 1979 after a gas can exploded in his face and God miraculously gave him his face back. Four months later he began following through on his commitment and has been serving God ever since. After completing his bachelor’s degree at International College of Bible Theology, he continued on to Midwest Seminary of Bible Theology, where he received his master’s degree. He later was awarded an honorary doctorate in Community Service and Outreach.

A pastor for 30 years, Brian started Bread of Life Tabernacle of Uniontown and the Uniontown Community Storehouse. He now serves as an Intercessor to corporations and the body of Christ. Brian and his wife Sharon, celebrating 45 years of marriage, are the proud parents of three daughters: Larissa, Shelley, and Garnett, and the delighted grandparents of five grandsons.