Not Another Rich Idea


Not Another Rich Idea

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Author: Eugene Strite
6x9 Paperback, 124 Pages

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Financial management is an issue that affects everyone, particularly in today's international economy. People in all walks of life and at every socioeconomic level need wise counsel and sound, guiding principles to effectively manage money and acquire financial prosperity. Eugene Strite is a successful business owner and an internationally recognized financial expert. In Not Another Rich Idea, his practical, commonsense, and time-tested principles will give you all the information you need to manage your finances and build real wealth. You will learn the differences between true and false wealth, and between being rich and being wealthy. You will learn the importance of careful investing, and will be challenged to consider the often-overlooked and counterintuitive wealth-building principle of giving. If you are tired of always working for your money, and are ready to make your money work for you, Not Another Rich Idea is a book you need to read.

About the Author:

Eugene Strite is an experienced businessman, investor, author, real estate developer, and motivational speaker.  He has traveled extensively nationally and internationally, training leaders and others interested in wealth management. He is the President of the real estate group, D-111, and is majority owner of Gateway Ventures and Mall Development Company. He is the founder of Cedar Hill Consulting Inc. and is part owner of the technology company, Premier Solutions Group. His books are an essential resource for those interested in wealth management and development. Eugene has been married to Karen for the past 37 years and they have four children and seven grandchildren.