Invite Revival

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Invite Revival


Authentic revival is the breath of the Holy Spirit, moving like 'a rushing mighty wind' into a group of worshipers, awakening them for supernatural service, transforming their carnal nature and restoring them to the impeccable image of God the Father.


Father God has invited all of His family members to the "great supper" to experience this wonderful blessing, but who will take the time to respond and come to His table to sup with Him?


The message is clear. Generations of godly men and women have searched for God and for revival in the land. From Andrew Murray to Charles Finney to Tom and Connie Deere there is a people seeking revival to change the hearts of men and women to seek God and establish various places of worship where true revival can be found.


This lovely book concludes with a special message describing a pastor's journey to find genuine revival in his own backyard. You will be amazed to compare it to your own hometown and your personal journey to see your part in the coming revival as we prepare for the coming of Christ.


We know who holds the key to the kingdom, but we can only imagine what doors will be opened when the Key finds the right locks to open. "Invite Revival" reveals the Key that will ignite this worldwide awakening that will surpass the magnitude of all others preceding it.

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Author Bios:

Dr. Tom M Deere is a retired pastor, following 32 years of pastoral ministry, serving Southern Baptist and Cumberland Presbyterian churches in Texas and Arkansas.  His hunger for revival began when he was a student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, where he received his Doctor of Ministry degree in 1986 and Master of Divinity in 1981. He also attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where he received his B.S.B.A in marketing in 1973. Devoting his spare time to research in the library at seminary, he read everything he could find on the subject of revival. But his voracious appetite to know the history of great awakenings could not be satisfied with simply knowing about revivals. He wanted to know more, how they occurred and how to prepare for revival. Studying the great revivalists, he wanted to know them and how they seemed to carry revival with them wherever they went. He continued his quest, pursuing the subject of revival throughout his pastoral ministry, and today his passion for revival is bursting wide open like the beautiful blossom that is in full bloom.

Connie Deere is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, auntie and friend. Her life experiences have taught her the value of personal relationships and the richness of life when you love and invest in the lives of others. The desire for personal growth took her into a career path that included many experiences, but most rewarding to her was seven years as a church secretary; however, the majority of her professional life was spent in the banking industry where she rose to the position of Executive Assistant to the Bank President. Having given her life to Jesus in 1983, Connie was a “typical” Christian for many years. It wasn't until more recent years that she understood God's passionate desire for her relationship with Him. Her quest is to go deeper in her search for personal revival, and to invite others on her journey of revelation of who we are in Christ....and who Father is in us.