Hearing God


Hearing God

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When a father loves his children, he speaks words of affirmation and love to them. When a husband and wife love one another, they make sure to communicate with one another honestly and frequently. If God loves human beings as his children and treasures his relationship with them as a spouse would, would he not also speak to them frequently, with both love and honesty? In Hearing God, author Ben Dixon explores what it means to hear God speak to you personally, both through his written word, the Bible, and inwardly, through the voice of his Holy Spirit. From the riches of his personal experience and from the stories of others, Ben explores why God speaks to us, how to clearly hear God when he does speak, and what to do once you have heard him speak to you. This book will challenge you to build your relationship with God, to expect to hear him speak you personally, and to believe what he says and apply it to your life in real ways that will bring personal transformation.

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Ben became a Christian in his late teenage years through an unusual set of experiences that opened him to an intense reality of Jesus Christ. As the years progressed he discovered a prophetic calling in his life that continues to be his journey today. He has a diverse background of training and experience – from helping plant a church, ministry to the poor to speaking in churches and conferences. His passion is to help people know God’s voice, live in true intimacy with Jesus and become missional within the everyday life. Ben's passion for God ignites people - he lives and speaks with an urgency that emboldens people to become serious about their faith, and walk in their calling confidently. He founded 11th Hour Ministries in response to the Lord's charge - "Call the Church to the Harvest". 11th Hour Ministries facilitates conferences, training seminars and outreaches in order to strengthen the church and release people into lifestyle ministry. He currently serves on the Pastoral team of Mill Creek Foursquare Church in Lynnwood, WA and provides oversight to 11th Hour Ministries abroad. He is married to his wonderful wife Brigit and together they have 4 amazing children - Iziah, A'vante, Azariah and Judah.