Ehad: The Culture of Oneness

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Ehad: The Culture of Oneness


Just as the Lord our God is ehad—not a single person—but a “united one,” so also is God stirring the hearts of His people around the world to come together as ehad­­—a united company in character, and doctrine, and purpose.

In this concise, yet direct and in-depth study, Dr. S.Y. Govender speaks to the grave importance and principles of Ehad: The Culture of Oneness, providing a multitude of scriptural examples and guidance.

Dr. Govender encourages Christians to break the limitations of the church, to reject isolation, to live in community with “one mind, one accord, and one heart,” rather than individually. And throughout this book, you will learn how God says it can be done.

You will also discover that while the glory belongs to the Lord, so does the Lord God want the Church to demonstrate that greater glory, along with the power and authority to build His Kingdom. But this can take place only when His people have met the four demands of ehad—and become a united one.

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Author Bio:

Dr. S. Y. Govender (Sagie) is the senior minister of Antioch Christian Tabernacle and founder and presiding apostle of ABC Ministries. Antioch Christian Tabernacle is the local church and ABC Ministries is the resource center that resources pastors globally.

As the founder of ABC (Accurate Building Concepts), a course structured for the apostolic evaluation and accurate building of churches in this present reformation season, he also convenes the ABC Forum, a weekly gathering of pastors from Kwa Zulu Natal. Dr. Govender is married to Rochelle and they have one daughter, Kimberley. In August 2007, he retired from active general medical practice after 20 years of medical service to give more attention to this reformation season.

Other books by S.Y. Govender: Lucifer: The First Man Adam, and The 318 Son: Household of Abraham