eBook: The Day Sonny Died


eBook: The Day Sonny Died


When three-year-old Sonny witnessed his father’s brutal murder, he didn’t know a curse haunting the men in his family was to blame. But his grandmother, Constance Jackson, did. For 20 years, Constance clung to her abusive marriage and church hoping that she could save her son. But hope and prayers were not enough, and her son died an unnatural death just like four generations of Jackson men before him. Now, she’s stuck raising her grandson – Sonny.

As time goes on, Constance sees Sonny as a chance to make things right with her past. But as Sonny approached manhood, Constance recognizes a change in him. And her gut says the shadow of the curse is lurking and will strike again soon.

She fights to keep Sonny from his father’s fate. But a grandmother’s gumption and prayers may not be enough to save Sonny’s soul.

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Authors Bios:

M. Simone Boyd

In 2014, Simone quit her job as an energy analyst to research and write about families and relationships. Her writing and workshops focus on faith, family, and black history. She wrote this book with her dad, Onnie.

Onnie I. Kirk Jr.

In 1993, Onnie started the Family Foundation Fund (FFF) mentoring program. The mission of the FFF is to nurture boys from single-parent homes in to Christ-centered manhood. Onnie speaks regularly to civic, academic and church groups on the plight of the fatherless.