eBook: Lucifer: The First Man Adam

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eBook: Lucifer: The First Man Adam

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Traditional interpretation of the biblical references to Lucifer identify the name with Satan, the devil. Not so, says Dr. Sagie Govender. In this bold, new, paradigm-challenging examination of the Luciferian and related passages in the Bible, Dr. Govender builds a persuasive, step-by step argument that these passages—and the name Lucifer itself—refer not to the devil, the Adversary and Accuser of the brethren, but to Adam, the first man, the prototype human created by God in His own image.

The core of Dr. Govender’s argument is the biblical principle of the Law of Double Reference, which deals with the association of similar features or ideas; that is, comparing something that exists now with something from the past or future that displays similar characteristics. Accordingly, argues Dr. Govender, Isaiah 14:12, which contains the only biblical occurrence of the name Lucifer, has a double reference; first, to the king of Babylon, and second, to Adam, the first man. Through careful phrase-by-phrase examination of this verse, he shows that its description of the king of Babylon fits Adam much more closely than it does the devil. In a similar way, he shows that Ezekiel 28:11-19, the other biblical passage traditionally linked to Satan, actually refers, in double reference, to the king of Tyre, first, and then to Adam. In subsequent chapters he backs up his argument by examining pertinent New Testament passages, primarily from the Book of Revelation.

Reading Lucifer: The First Man Adam, will lead you to see Adam, Satan, and, most importantly, God’s redemptive plan of the ages, in a completely new and different light. 

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Author Bio:

Dr. S. Y. Govender (Sagie) is the senior minister of Antioch Christian Tabernacle and founder and presiding apostle of ABC Ministries. Antioch Christian Tabernacle is the local church and ABC Ministries is the resource center that resources pastors globally.

As the founder of ABC (Accurate Building Concepts), a course structured for the apostolic evaluation and accurate building of churches in this present reformation season, he also convenes the ABC Forum, a weekly gathering of pastors from Kwa Zulu Natal. Dr. Govender is married to Rochelle and they have one daughter, Kimberley. In August 2007, he retired from active general medical practice after 20 years of medical service to give more attention to this reformation season.

Other books by S.Y. Govender: The 318 Son: Household of Abraham, and Ehad : The Culture of Oneness