eBook: Gilgal: Biblical Principles Governing Transition Into The Apostolic Transformation


eBook: Gilgal: Biblical Principles Governing Transition Into The Apostolic Transformation

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A new season has dawned upon the Church of Jesus Christ, labelled in some circles as the Apostolic Reformation. It comes in the form of a clarion call from the throne of God for a consummate reformation of gigantic proportions to be imposed upon the Church.

Gilgal is the place of constructive preparation or re-formation. It symbolises a sensitive and critical place in the life and experience of a people, ministry or nation in the earth. This is a location in one’s spiritual journey where preparation is made for the next phase in the unfolding plan of God. A season has been concluded, a new one is about to be ushered in, placing new demands on His people. It is at Gilgal that the process of reconfiguration must take place.

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Author Bio: 

Thamo Naidoo has been in ministry since 1985. He is a graduate of the Bethesda Bible College, Full Gospel Church of God, South Africa and has earned a Master of Theology degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

He has planted two pioneering works in South Africa – River of Life Christian Ministries (ROLCM) in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal (1994) and GATE Ministries Sandton in Sandton, Gauteng (2012). Thamo currently provides spiritual oversight to churches both nationally and internationally.

Thamo travels extensively speaking to church leaders.  His purpose is centred on the call for the restoration of the church to ancient biblical patterns of building. He accomplishes this through leadership and development interventions hosted over the course of the year under the banner of ApostolicGate.

ApostolicGate provides free downloadable resources and hosts multiple strategic leadership events globally including Apostolic Schools of Ministry (ASOM), Apostolic Leadership Summits (ALS), Perspectives on the Apostolic (POA), Sophoi Messenger Series Business Leaders Breakfast (SMS) and other conferences.

Thamo currently resides in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa with his wife Mirolyn and their three sons.

Other books by Thamo Naidoo: Apostolicity: The History of The South African Apostolic Movement (1980-2008), and We Believe: GATE Articles of Faith