eBook: Eagle Vision


eBook: Eagle Vision


               Never allow your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to take you

where your Vision, Character and Strength can’t keep you!

Eagle Vision is about achieving success from the inside out.  Eagle vision is not about your bottom line.  It’s not about climbing the corporate ladder. It’s not about your gross income.  It’s about your personal net worth.  It’s about realizing your true value. It is about seeing your potential and striving for greatness. Eagle Vision is about seeing the big picture and learning how to walk out the vision with integrity.  Eagle Vision is designed inspire you to live your life “On Purpose” and not haphazardly. You will become more conscious of who you are and the way you live your life.

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Author Bio:

“The storm may alter your course but it does not have to alter your destination.” ~ Monifa Robinson Groover

Like many, Monifa has had dreams and goals yet she encountered challenges that seemed intent on blocking her progress. Despite the challenges she learned first hand that intention, integrity, faith and purpose were key elements to her success.  She is grateful for how her experiences and her faith have shaped who she has become today.  Her purpose is to educate, inspire, encourage and extend guidance others, helping them understand that having clear vision is key if you desire to live a happier, healthier and more productive life.

 Monifa Robinson Groover

Author, Speaker, Life Coach