Designed to Hear God


Designed to Hear God

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THE DIVINE INTENTION OF GOD has always been to be our friend, yet there are many people who doubt that God speaks personally or that He sincerely desires to have an individual relationship with each of us. Repeatedly, they ask, “Does a living God really speak, and can we know His voice?

The answer is…absolutely.

While all of creation has been designed and brought into existence by God, the human species is the only part of creation that has received His image and of which He has breathed His life into. Each individual upon the face of the earth possesses a body, soul, and spirit; and this spirit provides all of mankind with the ability to communicate naturally with the Father, for “God is Spirit”(John 4:24a).

In this extraordinary book, you will discover that you have been Designed to Hear God. Our amazing and all-wise God does speak, and He knows you personally by name.You will learn that it doesn’t take a special gift, talent, function, or program to hear God.Rather, it’s simply having a willing heart and the desire to take the time to listen to Him.


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Author bio:

Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, Vishal Jetnarayan is the founder and president of eGenCo. LLC, a digital media publishing company focused on generation culture change.  Vishal is passionate about trans-generational building and seeing each generation work together with immutable values that foster change in society.  He travels nationally and internationally, speaking at seminars and conferences.  Currently, he resides in Chambersburg, PA, with his wife, Selena, and their four adorable children. 

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