Covering "Empowering Women"


Covering "Empowering Women"

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Author: D.L. Thompson

Book 2 of the Kingdom Family Legacy Series


Covering confronts a serious and growing problem in today's church: out-of-order Christians trying to lead and exercise their gifts in the body of Christ without being under legitimate spiritual authority. This is especially true with Christian women. Failed by spiritually immature husbands who do not cover them, as well as by the church, which will not support them, gifted women are left with the choice of either sitting back with their gifts unused or trying to “go it alone”, declaring a self-appointed "authority" that is unbiblical and can easily lead to a Jezebel spirit of rebellion.

In this short but plainspoken book, D. L. Thompson clearly identifies the problem, defines biblical covering and its purposes, and explains that the key to authentic spiritual power and authority for women lies in the covering they receive from spiritually mature husbands or, if unmarried or widowed, from a spiritually mature son or recognized spiritual father.

This is a timely book addressing a subject that is highly misunderstood, to the detriment of the church today, and especially its women.

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