eBook: Removal of Restraint


eBook: Removal of Restraint


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Those who have willingly accepted being confirmed to the will of God through their sufferings are finding themselves becoming deeply transformed, and nothing is remaining the same. They are finding their security and well being in new insights into the nature of God’s character. They are discovering the spiritual reality of an entire existence based upon the reliability of the love of God, the Father. They are themselves becoming visible and accurate representations of the Invisible God. Trials and sufferings are understood to be essential parts of this process of transformation. These adversities are bringing to light the hidden areas that must be brought to accurate alignment with divine standards. A great separation has begun. It is resulting from the stark distinctions between the choices that have been made and the resulting patterns of life that flow from these radically dissimilar choices. The result will come to be clear and unmistakable: “The wicked are wicked still, and the righteous are righteous still.” 

Two final results of the removal of restraint will ultimately war with each other. One will be that all divine standards are rejected in favor of a view of God that is a product of the popular secular imagination. A god created of the popular demand by the popular imagination and for the popular consumption. The other will be the mature expression of Christ appearing as a “City upon a hill.” All humanity will be ultimately of one or the other condition.

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The world and the church are reeling and on the brink of panic. Shocking events of both national and international scope have been occurring with a sickening monotony. Disorder and chaos have taken strange new forms and have come suddenly upon all nations—from the pervasive lawlessness practiced by governmental regimes and private citizens alike to the unconscionable murders of innocents. The lack of restraint has come to characterize human society.

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