eGenCo Publishing Services

Manuscript Review

We are focused on generation culture change.  Manuscripts are reviewed to ensure that this is the standard of the message being written about.  We will definitely let the author know about our decision. 

Professional Writing

We provide you with the services of professional wordsmiths who have authored books for numerous recognized leaders.  They basically take what you say, write what you say and the content is like you actually wrote the book in your own words

Personal Writing

You can write your own manuscript but your work will still need to be reviewed by a “Style Editor.”

Style Editor

A style editor reviews the approved manuscript’s sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling.  The editor syncs paragraphs and chapters to ensure that the story being told has a harmonious flow to the reader.


For an excellent book to be produced, proofing is vital.  After the style editor makes the necessary changes, the material is re-read and any information that needs corrected is taken off. 


We convert your book into an electronic book for all ereaders and also distribute the ebook worldwide.

Cover Design

Our outstanding experienced graphic designers who have designed covers for many popular books use their creativity to design covers that demonstrate the unique message of the book and they ensure that it fulfills market requirements.


The paginator professionally lays out the pages to the book and is focused on text design and layout i.e.  paragraphs spaced well, suitable reading size fonts, pages numbered, adding photographs and illustrations.

Time and Production

A book normally takes 16-26 weeks to complete without interruption.  If the process is delayed, we notify the author promptly about the process.


ISBN Assignments

Each book is assigned an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to identify the title of the book.


Our company grants the author full copyright to his/her book.  However, we are able to assist the author by applying for the copyright certification from the US Library of Congress. 

Professional Grade Printing

We work with reputable printers whom deliver an excellent service at an affordable price.

Branding and Marketing

The author is his/her biggest distributor of their books.  eGen will brand and market the author through various ways on the viral market which will create a traffic/customer flow that benefits the author as well as the customer.


Having a website is a must as this allows people to know who you are. We provide a professional web design service at an affordable price.