Why Join eDisperse When I Can Sell on Other Platforms?

 As an author, you are the biggest distributor of your books.  Get higher royalties and build your customer list.

In a world where everything is being digitalized, your book should be no exception.  But with electronic media comes the need to get your eBook to your readers.  This task requires the same logistics questions that the traditional book requires:  Where do I store my book?  How will I distribute my book? and What happens if the demand for my book changes?  If your skills are writing, this task may seem out of your league.  If you are an author, this task may seem too complex to tackle on your own.  No matter your skill level or the number of books you write we will be able to take your eBooks (and create them if you need them) and make sure that no matter where your customer is, he/she will be able to easily get their book from your site to their device.

Our Differentiators

  • Support for all eBook formats on all types of ereaders.
  • We believe the profits should stay with the author.  We pay 80-95% royalty and ensure that 10% of our income goes to a non-profit.
  • There is no limit to what other distribution methods you can use.  We provide you a way to reach your customers through your own channels such as your website.
  • YOU advertise YOU! Your fans want to follow you and are curious to know what you have to offer them. Big companies don’t advertise you unless you are a recognized author selling books in the thousands.
  • You can set your own sale prices and not be governed by other distributor's rules.
  • You can use your own online financial services through PayPal and watch all financial transactions.
  • Anyone from anywhere in the world can make a purchase of your eBook on your site pending on your online financial service choice.
  • Gone are the days of giving away all your profit to have your books sit on a shelf.  Here we help you distribute to where you are most effective and you only pay per eBook sold.
  • We upload all eBooks for you onto our secure server

What does eDisperse look like on your site? (See pictures below)