The world around you is an instantly connected, constantly changing, tornado of information.  At any moment you have instant access to a limitless internet.  That is why when you publish a book you are not just publishing 200 pages of paper between two covers, but multiple ebook formats.  To be successful, you are really signing on to publish a book and all the digital media to support.

The digital media short list includes: 

  • Facebook/Google+ Posts
  • Youtube Videos
  • Gathering Twitter Followers
  • Instagram Pictures of the Book in Action
  • Personal Blog
  • Updating Your Website
  • Creating Your Wikipedia Entry
  • Responding to Comments and Questions
  • Interacting With Book Communities (i.e.

You are really building an online reputation.  The more you get your face, physical or virtual, out there the more books you are going to be able to sell.  Your book is most likely going to be sold from a digital self.  This means you should provide the support for your book digitally too.