Birth of The Holy Nation by Corbett Gaulden

We are excited about this new book coming out by Corbett Gaulden in Spring 2015.  You can follow this author on his  website!

Birth of The Holy Nation Preview:

Even the most casual of students of the Bible know about the patriarchs, whose stories comprise the majority of the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament. And many others who are not as familiar with either the Bible or the term “patriarch” have at least heard the names Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

These three flawed and ordinary men occupy honored places of significance in God’s redemptive plan for humanity through the ages. Yet many Christians have little more than a superficial acquaintance with these figures, and therefore little understanding of their timeless importance.

In Birth of The Holy Nation, (in two volumes), Dr. Corbett Gaulden provides an in-depth analysis and examination of the biblical patriarchs and reveals their critical role in fulfilling God’s promise to Abraham, the first patriarch, to make of him a great nation that would be a blessing to the whole world. While this is a story that has been told before, Dr. Gaulden approaches it from a unique perspective, by revealing how God chose to carry out His master plan of human redemption across many generations through the basic yet complex (and some might say fragile) “fabric” of the human father-son relationship, which (ideally) reflects the heavenly FATHER-SON relationship between God the Father and Jesus.

"Counting Jacob" Book 1, Aspie Hero Series

We are so happy to introduce you to our newest book, Counting Jacob which is Book 1 of the Aspie Hero Series!  Read a note from our author and get this book!

Author: Abbey Perry

Author: Abbey Perry

A Note From the Author Abbey!

My dream is to see acceptance learned in all areas of differences. This book was written for my son, so he could have another person he could connect with. I want him to be able to grow with this series and to love himself for who he is. I want this book to help other people to not only be secure within themselves, but to also accept themselves for being different.

My heart became deeply involved in the Autism/Asperger's Syndrome community because of my son's Asperger's diagnosis in 2012. We set out together learning about what made him who he is and why he is so special. That is my purpose for this book. Along with educating others about Asperger's Syndrome, I want to teach children with special needs that it's okay to be different.

Asperger's Syndrome is a condition where everyday sounds, lights even feelings can translate into sensory overload for someone with Asperger's, resulting in an outburst, tantrum or complete shut-down. No two Aspies are the same making it difficult to diagnose. 

It often takes the form of social awkwardness or what seems to be a lack of compassion for others. In truth, Aspies can be very considerate and even social, but they experience difficulties with recognizing the expressions and body language of others and understanding how the other person feels.

There are so many incredible online tools that help explain Asperger's and provide practical guidance and suggestions on ways to live with it. Here are a few of my own favorites to get you started!

Elijah Morgan Book Launch

Here are some pictures from Dr. Elijah Morgan's book launch in South Africa, February 2014. Dr. Elijah's book was launched  in Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg, Durban and Cape Town.  He will be headed back to South Africa later this year on a media tour.  

Special thanks to Thamo Naidoo, Randolph Barnwell, Celvan Pakkari, Dr. Sagie Govender and Gordon Classen for hosting the launches in their cities. 

eBook: The Economic Pendulum

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Today the global economy is in a crisis of unprecedented magnitude. At the same time, the modern church is in a crisis of its own. Both “economies” have abandoned their solid “gold standard” for things of lesser value: for the global economy, “fiat” paper money instead of gold, and for the church, empty ritual and formalism instead of the powerful presence of Christ.

This timely and insightful book addresses the crises in these parallel yet interconnected economies. Chapters 1 and 2 trace their histories, explaining how they began, where they got off track, and what must be done to restore them. Chapters 3 and 4 lay down basic principles of economics and the history of money. Chapter 5 deals with the global culture of debt that drives the economies of nations today, while chapter 6 explains the stubborn persistence of poverty in the world and why it is inevitable under current global economic systems. Chapter 7 addresses technocracy, which advocates global rule by the elite. False concepts of the church and the kingdom of God are the subject of chapter 8, while chapter 9 lifts up the ideal of ancient Israel and its no-debt culture as a model for both economies in crisis. Finally, chapter 10 presents the kingdom of heaven as the perfect economic system and examines what the church must do to regain her original focus on the glory of God.

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Elijah Morgan - The Global Economy

Dr. Elijah Morgan has been a regular consultant to governments and various institutes in strategic planning.  He has trained and consulted top managers at multi-national companies, as well as humanitarian, military and religious organizations for many years.  We are excited to partner with him to release his first book: The Economic Pendulum. 

Not only is our global economy in an unprecedented crisis, the modern church is too.  Both economies have abandoned their gold standard for things of lesser value.  For the global economy, paper money instead of gold and for the church, empty ritual and formalism instead of the presence of Christ.

His book gives solid facts substantiating the value of money and how we can prepare ourselves.  He discusses the economic history, its restoration, principles of economics and our current culture of debt.  He explains the persistence of poverty and addresses the global rule by the elite.  He teaches how ancient Israel had a no-debt culture and presents the kingdom of heaven as the perfect economic system.

The timing of Dr. Elijah Morgan's book is perfect!  Watch the video below and be one of the first to purchase his book at all major online retail outlets in both ebook copy and print.  After reading his book, please give us your feedback at as well as a review on Amazon.  Tell us you did this and we will give you an ebook for free!

We are also excited to show you Elijah Morgan's new website designed by our creative team here at!

We are also excited to show you Elijah Morgan's new website designed by our creative team here at!

The Economic Pendulum
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