Col. Frazier

Promo Video for Hell's Guest Author Col. Frazier

Hell's Guest is a powerful story written by Colonel Frazier a POW who lived in horrible conditions for 3 years in a Japanese Prison Camp.  He survived the Baataan March and was eventually rescued.  The nightmares kept visiting him even after he came home.  His powerful story of forgiveness is one that will touch the hearts of many.  

THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED to all men and women who fought and died in the Philippine Islands during World War II and in the defense of Bataan and Corregidor, and to all those who worked so hard at the time of World War II, be it at home or on the battle fields to save the world from becoming slaves to two world powers that tried to take away our basic right to be free people and to live as God intended us to live with the right to determine our own destiny.