First Fruit Music Website

First Fruit Music Website

First Fruit Music Website

It was a joy to work Quinton & Kimberley Moodley from Durban South Africa to build a website for them!  Here's a little note from them about what they do at First Fruit Music.

"We write music through meditation on the scriptures, by constant prayer, continual praise, practical aspects of our lives such as our personal experiences, and also through earnest studying of the word of God.
All of our writers are accountable to a Spiritual father who gives oversight and nourishes us through grace and word impartation. Whatever God gives to us, we give freely. We stand fast in the rule that Gods revelation should not be merchandised. We are merely stewards of His anointing and revelation."  

New Website! E. Letz Design

We are proud to partner with Erin at E. Letz Design to come up with a website and logo to fit her new business!  Be sure to check out her website!

"E. Letz Design was formed upon Erin’s natural ability to draw the uniqueness from each individual and collaboratively design a space that is thoughtful, warm, inviting, and inspiring. With her keen eye and attention to every detail, Erin's finished spaces exhibit a harmonious blend of intertwined elements, marked by an extraordinary understanding of balance, visual texture, rhythm, and color. 

It's in the careful blending of elements masculine and feminine, classical and modern, weathered and refined, grounded and whimsical that E. Letz Design specializes.  Insisting on a foundation of quality craftsmanship, E. Letz Design happily marries form and function, layering elements together to create well-curated environments that are as exceptional as the people who inhabit them.  Her innate ability to understand, discover a unique style, and bring it to life has clients repeatedly saying, “Wow, you really get me.”

With solid experience in renovation and an exceptional understanding of materials and their possibilities, E. Letz Design has worked alongside talented builders and wonderful clients to conceptualize environments from the ground-up, as well as re-invent spaces, in both residential and commercial applications."

NEW Website: A Defining Moment

Everyone needs a defining moment in their life! 
We partnered with Coach Sheeba Varghese to complete her new website.
Check out her "Defining Moment." 

Sheeba Varghese: My Defining MOMent


After the birth of my 2 sons, and the constant travel schedule of my husband’s career, I made the choice to stay home with the children. I am not sure if anyone can truly be prepared for that type of transition. I know I was not. I had transitioned from a high school classroom to a new classroom-my home. I made it through diaper changes, bottle cleaning, and sleepless nights. And before you knew it those days turned into preparing lunches, circle times, and playdates. It was during the summer of 2009, that I found myself wanting something more but I didn’t know what it was. I felt like I was in a rut personally and professionally. Each day just rolled into another. I deeply valued the time and opportunity to be at home with my children AND I also knew that I wanted to utilize my talents, gifts, and skills in other ways too. So, I found myself searching for my next steps. 

This is what I did know for sure:

  1. The element of teaching and training was important to me.
  2. I loved encouraging and motivating others to follow their dreams and passions in life-whether they were young, old or older.
  3. I was passionate about empowering and encouraging others to see the potential within themselves.
  4. I did not want to pursue my Master’s Degree for the sake of achieving another degree.

It was not until I saw this short article-in fact, it was the very last article of Costco Connection Magazine titled,One Step Can Make Huge Life Impact, that totally changed my life around. It was a defining moment for me. It was a moment that made a huge impact in my life. Once I read the article, I felt inspired to research the author. I didn’t stop there. I took many more little steps that led to the birth of defining moments 365 in 2010.

~ Sheeba Varghese

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