Awakened to My Wife

We are delighted to publish our first Micro65 series, Kingdom Family Legacy by Dana L. Thompson. The new big in publishing is small. 

Dana's first book from his series entitled, Awakened To My Wife, will be officially launched on 6th September. Family is one of the foremost things in the heart of God (Ps 68:6). Here's a sneak peak of the book: 

Many Christian women who desire a godly husband and marriage end up disappointed and disheartened when their methods either fail to win them the man of their dreams or bring them into a marriage that is less than ideal. This should not be surprising in light of the fact that the only "methods" most of them know are the questionable methods of the world. The primary reason for their disappointment, however, lies in their failure to understand the basic truth that is at the heart of this little book: "Unless God awakens a man's need for a helpmate, he will remain unmarried."

When God was ready to create a helpmate for Adam, He first put Adam into a “deep sleep.” And it was only after God awakened Adam from his deep sleep that he was able to recognize and receive his wife, Eve. The same is true for all men, including Christian men. Until God awakens them, they will recognize no desire or need for marriage.

Using his personal life experience as an illustration, Dana Thompson explores the wonderful mystery of how God awakens a man to see and receive his wife.

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