No Longer Bound By Fear

Below, artist and author, Codye Resystead invites us into the heart of the Father and the journey of our destiny. Codye's incredible artwork and prophetic words are beautifully captured in her book "Chronicles of the Treasury: Journey of Destiny."


My Beloved

As my beloved child, I have set aside a specific place for you, deep within My heart. Come into this place, and encounter the power of my perfect love. You are My child, My creation, My beloved one, and it is your divine inheritance to experience the fullness of My perfect love. Allow My perfect love to set you free.

Yes, My child, come to Me. Endless is My love towards you. Come. I welcome you just as you are. Be embraced in My perfect love. Stay with Me, My beloved. Abide in My embrace, in the power of My perfect love. For in this place you will know My freedom. No longer will the fear that attempts to bind you hold you captive. For in My perfect love, fear will be forced to loosen its grip and flee. For My perfect love casts out all fear. All fear must go in the presence of My perfect love for you, My beloved.

Be surrounded in My perfect love, My child, and I will cause courage to rise and fill your lungs. I will release The Spirit of Truth to come and empower your heart. Freedom will come to dwell within you, as you abide in My perfect love for you, My beloved child!

My perfect love will encompass you and empower you to travel in a new way for you will journey knowing your unknowns are not unknown to Me. You will learn to abide in My loving embrace, free from all fear, and trusting in The One who journeys with you. Enveloped in the arms of My perfect love, you will encounter Me as your divine encourager and your faithful companion. My perfect love will cause trust to rise within your heart, and I will make Myself known to you as The One who never leaves you nor forsakes you.

So, My beloved child, I give you full permission to come, dwell, and abide in My perfect love for you. Receive My love. Allow me to journey with you as Ever-Faithful Guide and Loving Father. Come and sail with Me, My beloved one, enveloped in the arms of My perfect love. I give you permission to live free from fear and all that attempts to hold you; for remember always, My perfect love casts out all fear. Dare to lay it all aside, My child. Dream with Me, for you are now free to dream again.


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