We Are All On a Journey


In life, we are all on a journey.  We don’t know where the journey will end, we don’t know what the journey will hold, and we don’t know who all will be part of our journey.  Some people play a huge part in our journey while others may briefly intersect it.  Whether large or small, every person we come in contact with has an impact in our journey.  Most importantly, our journey has an impact on others.

In the day-to-day of life, it is easy to become swept up in the things and forget the people.  We live for each day and forget the big picture; the journey laid out as a whole.  Your life, your journey, and who you have become writes a story.  There is the story of You and a story in You.  Never forget the story within the journey.

Here at eGen we have spent the last 8 years helping people tell their story.  We do what we do daily because we love the impact of a person's story on another person's life.  Don’t let your story go untold.  Whether it be a book, a blog, or talks with your grandchildren, make sure you take the time to share your story.  If a book is for you, remember that your friends at eGen are here to help however we can.