The Healing Journey

Below is an excerpt of the short story "The Healing Emporium" by Dr. Rani Samuel.  In this gripping story we read about the journey that is embroidered on every soul, the journey of healing and wholeness. This book is free in our eGen store.



‘A sense of journey is embroidered on every soul’

It was 2 a.m. and Claudia Clements’ hospital room was dark. Somehow at this inconvenient hour, her heart and mind colluded to resurrect hurt feelings that needed attention. Psychologist, Jenna David, had heard many tales of the terror of the dawn hours - the wrestling, the emotional toiling and the impossibility of a return to rest. Her twenty year old patient Claudia, also lamented about these torturous hours as well as feeling lost and adrift as a person.

‘Jenna, I don’t really see any point in being alive. I don’t want to be here and I really don’t think that I add value to anyone’s life. Last week I contacted an organization in Switzerland that will assist me in dying if you would just write a letter telling them I am in a stable frame of mind. I just don’t want to live anymore, Dr. David, please help.’ Jenna listened intently to Claudia’s all-too-familiar words of desperation and desire for escape that emanated from her tear-drenched, yet well-sculptured face. She cast her eye at the hospital patient information questionnaire and saw that Claudia used to be an art student and part-time waitress, and was repeatedly admitted for heroin addiction. Claudia wept from a core of deep wounding. Tears ran down her neck and accumulated in a spot of dampness on her psychedelic, punk-rocker T-shirt. She had heard suicidal pleas many times from patients, yet the brokenness of this woman touched something new within her. She wondered how such a young life had suffered so much already.

Claudia was tall, like the catwalk models seen on fashion TV, with an androgynous appeal. There were hints of a well-cut hairstyle but it was really hard to tell between the distraction of the rivulets of tears and her restlessness from heroin withdrawal. There were no tissues in the hospital consulting rooms today, and Jenna stood to fetch some from the nurses’ station. Perhaps this mini-break would allow Claudia to calm down, even if only for a brief moment.

On Jenna’s return, Claudia explained that she was heartbroken from the separation of the ‘absolute love’ of her life - Damian. They had lived together for the past two years in a small flat along Durban’s shoreline - The Golden Mile. Initially, moving into their own place was idyllic and Claudia thought she had finally found a place to call home. Although she was but 18 in age, she felt internally like an ‘old soul’. Life had been tough for her and this was the first sign that there were better days to come - or so she thought. Claudia grew up in a small Dutch-speaking community in the Western Cape winelands. Her dad was the local preacher as well as the primary school principal. She was the apple of his eye and felt completely loved by him. Her favorite memoirs were of ‘singing with dad’ at the Sunday morning church services. Life appeared to be perfect. And then the rumors began...


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