How Abraham Became the Father of Faith

Birth of The Holy Nation

This article has been curated from, "Birth of The Holy Nation: Volume 1 God and Abraham" by Corbett Gaulden. Get your copy at the eGen store. 


The obedience God required of Abraham that day was as absolute as any could be. He was required to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. God could require of him no greater example of obedience. God Himself, as a matter of fact, could not be asked to offer any greater example of His esteem for us than to offer His Son Jesus as a sacrifice. God was asking the “father of faith” to imitate His own actions in this matter. God was requiring of Abraham that he act like God Himself. This son of God was to emulate the nature of God Himself that day.

Consider this. God asked Abraham to offer his only son up to death. Abraham was required, as a son, to commit this act of sacrifice. However, the sacrifice was not a bag of marbles. The sacrifice was the son of his own flesh. The sacrifice was to be the very essence of his existence as a father. If he were deprived of his “only son,” he would no longer be a father. And his very own Father was the one placing this requirement on him. The son named Abraham set out to obey his Father, God. The father named Abraham was about to take any meaning from his own being simply because his Father required him to do so.


When God stretched out His hand that day to rescue Isaac, He did so at the very last second. His son Abraham had not resisted the request made of him at a cost that no man would willingly bear. Abraham did not spare Isaac. It was God Himself who spared him (Genesis 22:12). Abraham’s actions that day provided for his descendants a model of filial obedience that is exceeded only by the act of Jesus at Calvary 2000 years later.

As a father, Abraham required of his son Isaac that he submit to his own death. From Isaac, Abraham required this act of obedience as the mirror of his own obedience to his Father. When that day was done, God had made of Abraham the most worthy of human fathers. In this way, Abraham met the final qualification for becoming the father of the nation of promise; a nation in the earth that would be a natural precursor for the Holy Nation of God. No lesser man, and no lesser degree of filial obedience could have qualified to carry this divine commission. Hence, the arrangements and providence of God and the presence in power of the Holy Spirit to complete what was necessary.


Get your copy of "Birth of The Holy Nation: Volume 1 God and Abraham" by Corbett Gaulden from the eGen store.