Be a Life-Giving Spirit

This article is curated from "The Nature of the Prophetic" by Vishal Jetnarayan.

This article is curated from "The Nature of the Prophetic" by Vishal Jetnarayan.


What matters to God is an immediate change of heart and disposition. Prophecy is not meant to showcase the magnificent way God is using us, but to reveal how faithful and effective we are in communicating the mind of God in all that He conveys, and in all its aspects, past, present, and future.


A weakness of the prophetic ministry is that people are always focused on hearing God through other people instead of taking the time to hear God for themselves. I believe wholeheartedly in personal prophecy, but I believe that there also has to be growth to maturity. People must become responsible in having a personal relationship with the Father. Even personal prophecy is probably not the right term. Whenever an individual receives a word, it is always focused on their journey to assist the next person. In essence, a word given to somebody is personal only to an extent because it moves that individual to serve humanity in some way. The term “personal prophecy” is not so personal after all. Hearing God is always a means to our growth but not the end. We all recognize that biological growth of the child is vital. It is unnatural—and tragic—for an infant to remain an infant forever. In the same manner, prophetic words must challenge us to a new level of growth where we are able to hear the Father.

Within each prophetic word from the Lord there is process, and this always starts on a personal level. But this is also where the problem lies, which leads to a third deficiency. People have become so accustomed to hearing only good words about themselves that it has led to the prophetic ministry becoming primarily inward-focused. For example, “God is going to bless you with lots of money, a house, a car, and a boat.” While there is nothing wrong with receiving these things, this example illustrates what has become the prevalent way that people prophesy. Yet, if we review the New Testament and look intently at how Christ functioned in the prophetic, we find that His approach is the complete opposite to what currently prevails in the Church. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John give us a clear picture of the manner in which Christ functioned. After Christ empowered His disciples, their foundation of the prophetic was totally Christ-based and Spirit-led. One of the main ingredients of prophetic ministry is love. In order to understand the love of the Father, however, we must also understand His correction. The apostle Paul clearly stated this in First Corinthians chapter 13, commonly known as the “love chapter.” Corrective words delivered outside the walls of love cause more hurt, separation, and lack of prophetic hunger. They make God the Father look like He is partial and angry all the time.


Hebrews 5:12-14 tells us that we must move beyond “milk” to the more complete nourishment provided by “solid food.” In other words, we have to start growing and partaking of the meat; that is, the “meatier” things of the Spirit. Our standard is Christ, and despite the shortcomings of man, this should not deter any of us as believers from fully utilizing the prophetic. In being prophetic, we will begin to recognize that we function by the law of the Spirit (Rom. 8:2) and that no one has to work hard in order to operate in this ministry. Performance-oriented people do not drive God. In the beginning, God designed Adam as a human being to communicate with Him, and He has designed us to do the same. To be a life-giving spirit is to be prophetic, and to be prophetic is to be a life-giving spirit. In being prophetic, the body of Christ takes on the responsibility to know that each person can be prophetic and fulfill their part.

If each of us walks in the reality of understanding the capacity the Lord has given us, then we can definitely see the earth change and the Kingdom of God become established.

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