3 Things You Need to Know About the Power of Your Confession

This article has been curated from "His Name is John" by Frans Du Plessis, the final offering from his pen before stepping over into eternity in 2013. 


Our confession is so powerful that if it is not in agreement with the declared Word of God it could have serious consequences for others as well as for us. It could delay the purposes of God for years in our lives. This reminds us of the history of Israel, how a whole generation delayed their exit from the wilderness by forty years because of their evil confession. What made their report evil was not that they lied about Canaan and what they saw, but that their confession was contrary to what God had said and promised them. Millions died outside the promise of God because they could not believe and confess what God had declared and promised them. They had a different spirit than God. Isn’t it sad that they all came out of Egypt but never exited the wilderness? They spent their whole lives outside of God’s purpose for them. But that’s in the Old Testament; what about thousands of “saved”people today who never live within the plan and purpose of God for their lives? They are spiritual wanderers without direction, hoping to escape one day and go to heaven.

Forty years later, God had to shut the mouths of a whole nation for one entire week. God instructed Joshua that no one was allowed to utter a word while marching for seven days around Jericho, the first city to be conquered in Canaan. The walls of Jericho were so intimidating and humanly impossible to penetrate that had the Israelites been allowed to talk while marching, they would have confessed what they saw and become discouraged, rather than believe that God could fulfill His promises.

As a true servant and son of God you must learn when to shut the eyes and mouth of your soul to your environment and see and speak only with your spiritual eyes and mouth.

Spiritual eyes do not receive their light and sight from the sun or the physical environment but from the Word of God. The same goes for our speech and our confession; we should speak only what we hear from the Spirit. The concept of “confession” is more than what we usually limit the word to mean. Normally, we think of it only in terms of confessing our sins, but the Bible tells us about having a “good confession”: Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses (1Timothy 6: 12). The Greek word for confession is homologia, composed of two smaller Greek words: homo, “the same,”and logia, “word.” Confession, then, is to say the same thing or to agree with. This is very difficult for mankind because we have been guided by our soul since the fall of Adam. The natural man lives by his environment, his intellect, his will and his emotions. God wants a people who will live from His Word, Spirit and will.


“His name is John.” No other name could be given to this boy. Zacharias’ test came that day in the temple when the people asked him, as the father, to name his boy. His confession determined whether he would ever speak again. Zacharias played a huge role in accurately naming his firstborn; he had to break the strong family and Jewish tradition. Giving him a name that was not part of the family history meant that the boy would not build and declare the family name but the name of another. The pressure was on Zacharias. As the dispute over the boy’s name intensified , the mute Zacharias asked for a writing tablet. I imagine the heavens hushed as Zacharias took the writing tablet from their hands. Would he give in under the family pressure to follow the tradition of the family and name his son Zacharias, or would he shock all of Jerusalem by breaking an age-old tradition? The silent old man wrote on the tablet, “His name is John.” That very same moment , Zacharias opened his mouth, spoke again, and praised God.

Why was Zacharias struck mute until he accurately named his son? Jesus declared that man-made tradition is one of the most powerful forces that can imprison humanity. Tradition can render the Word of God helpless: “making the word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down. And many such things you do.” Sometimes, in order to break the cycle of man’s traditions, radical steps have to be taken. We can so easily miss the new thing God wishes to do as we carry on in our family and national traditions by just doing the same things we have always done. Someone once said: “If we do and say only the things we’ve always done and said, how can we expect any different results?” To me this whole issue about the silence of the father and the changing of John’s name shows how God enters into the history of man. He disrupts life as usual, gets the attention of Jerusalem and the nation, and changes the cause of history.


The arrival of John was not about John alone but about the Christ. John was the gift of God sent as a voice crying in the wilderness, preparing the way for the promised Messiah. He was the first to proclaim to the people the arrival of the Kingdom of God, and he called them to repent accordingly. He had to be the witness to the arrival of the Lamb of God. The 12 disciples were also baptized by John to prepare them for their coming Master. Jesus would not have called them had they not believed John, who prepared the way for Him. Although they were called from their nets, they all must have had a heart for God and the Kingdom, for John would not baptize those who did not repent of their sins. This principle must always be at the forefront of our minds and lives as well. Each of us can see only a small part of the whole; there is always a bigger picture . The full picture is Christ, and therefore placement and timing are of the essence if we are part of Him. God wanted the nation’s attention because He was about to enter into His own creation. The Ancient of Days (Timeless-One) was about to enter into the chronology of man through the incarnation, but first He needed someone to prepare the way for Him.

Today, once again, God has a son in the earth, a corporate son whom He has hidden from the eyes of the religious. And just like John who came as a forerunner in the spirit of Elijah, preparing the way for the Son, there is also a corporate Elijah on the earth today, prophetically declaring and preparing the way for this corporate son to be manifested in our day. Christ is about to appear in His glory in, amongst, and through His sons. The world will again ask, “What kind of man is this?”when they see and experience the grace, truth, and glory of God manifested through His body.


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