One Simple Truth that Brings Financial Breakthrough

This article comes from Eugene Strite in his book "Strategies for Financial Breakthrough."


Many times we look at our situation and wonder if there is hope. The mortgage is due…there was an unexpected hospital bill…the kids’school expenses were higher than usual this month…and then there was that irresistible deal that we just couldn’t pass up. How will we make it? we wonder. What needs to happen for us to get relief? So we pray and ask God for a breakthrough in our situation. The problem is, we often don’t recognize them when they come.

Breakthroughs come in people’s lives mostly through a new concept or through relationships. Many people do not realize that they are simply one truth away from a breakthrough.

Instead, they are looking for something to fall out of the sky or are hoping to win some lottery or million-dollar sweepstakes when the answer to their prayers are all around them through opportunities and the people they meet. They are looking for the wrong thing.

You see, the truth is, it’s not about the money. It’s about obedience. It’s not about what you have; it’s about what’s in your heart. What is the vision and purpose of your heart? Why are you interested in financial gain? God is very interested in money, finances, and wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18 says that it is the Lord who gives the power to get wealth. But God has a specific purpose in mind for this wealth: It is for the expansion of His Kingdom. Money is not to come to us, but through us. We are like a filter or cleanser through which the goods and wealth of this world transfer to the Kingdom of God.


God is looking for a group of people through whom He can release the wealth that the world has stored up. He is searching for a generation of people who have a passion to extend His Kingdom, so that all nations would come to know God. And He hasn’t been able to find too many of them.

The problem has been that when we begin to possess things, those things begin to possess us. As soon as we decide to hoard some of it for ourselves, the flow stops. Our hearts have become corrupted. We have replaced our passion for God with a passion for mammon. There are only two gods: God and mammon. You cannot serve both. But you can allow the one to serve the purposes of God through you and do all that God has in mind for your life and the lives of many other people. But, I repeat, it’s about obedience and the heart.


If your heart is to fulfill your destiny and extend the Kingdom, then God can trust you with wealth.

Do you want to fulfill the destiny that God has for your life? Do you want His passion to be your passion? Have you prayed and asked God for a breakthrough in your situation?

Money is a means to the end, not the end itself. It is only a tool to advance things, to get a job done, and to fulfill the destiny of your life. Some of my greatest breakthroughs have come in the simplest things or through comments made by people. They, not money, were the answer to my prayer. There is one who scatters, yet increases more. The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself. If you bless people, God will honor the work of your hands.

Pursue the things of God first and foremost, and He will add the things to you as you gain the ability to receive and do good with them. Obedience will take you further with God than you can ever take yourself.