Ehad & 318 Son - New Micro65 Books

Dr. Sagie Govender is the senior minister of Antioch Christian Tabernacle and founder and presiding apostle of ABC Ministries. Antioch Christian Tabernacle is the local church and ABC Ministries is the resource center that resources pastors globally. Make sure you check all of Dr. Sagie's free resources on his website and keep coming back here for new upcoming books, which can be described as ground-breaking and insightful.

Dr. Sagie's new Micro65 book, Ehad, will be exclusively released February 2015 at The Gate Apostolic Leadership Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa along with The 318 Son.  Ehad: The Culture of Oneness, is an in-depth study that reveals the four demands of oneness that is imperative to attaining sonship.  If you are not going to be at the Gate Conference to get this book, pre-order now and we will ship it as soon as it is available in our worldwide distribution in March 2015.

In the meantime, grab a copy of his first Micro65 book, The 318 Son: Household of Abraham. In the Bible, “318” is prophetic of sons born and trained in one’s house, and are to be understood as adopted sons  who have the power  to defeat the four “kings” of negativity, a devil-centered mindset, poverty, and desolation.  Sons of the house—the “318s”—are no longer bound by these four enemies because they are overcomers, and the key to their victory is their obedience to their Father.