New Book: His Name Is John by Frans Du Plessis

We are excited to announce the launch of a new book at the end of June 2014, “His Name Is John,” by Frans Du Plessis.
My family and I have known Pst. Frans Du Plessis for many years. After battling Motor Neuron Disease, he passed away on 21st July 2013. Together with his family, and many other friends, our hearts were saddened because of the void of not having him present. Prior to his death, Pst. Frans did not allow his sickness to stop him from living life. So, he took the challenge to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa. It was at the highest point of his climb was when God spoke to him to write this book and gave him the title, “His Name Is John.” This would be the last book he wrote, and now, his voice echoes through his writings. We will continue to miss him dearly, but, his message is made alive through his writings.  

~ Vishal

About "His Name Is John"

"His name is John." With these four simple words Zacharias simultaneously ended a nine-month divinely induced silence, broke a cycle of disobedience going as far back as Aaron, and announced the prophetic destiny of his newborn son. There is power in the words of our confession, especially when they are aligned with the Word of God. So declares Apostle Frans Du Plessis in this book, the final offering from his pen before stepping over into eternity in 2013.

Led to write of John the Baptist on Mount Kilimanjaro, after his own voice was silenced due to Motor Neuron Disease, Frans Du Plessis details the importance of John's ministry as a forerunner in the spirit of Elijah, preparing for and declaring the coming of God's Son, Jesus Christ, among the people of the earth. But he goes further, declaring that today God once again has a son in the earth, a corporate son, and that He is raising up a corporate Elijah that is "prophetically declaring and preparing the way for this corporate son to be manifested in our day. Christ is about to appear in His glory in, amongst, and through His sons," prompting the world to ask, "What kind of man is this?"