The Pastor Who Lost His Voice…

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We would like to honor Frans Du Plessis today. He authored two books of which was published by eGen - “Revealing God’s Intended Finish and Supernatural Culture.” Our hearts are saddened by his passing away, and our prayers go out to his family. Frans influenced the lives of many people in profound ways by His Kingdom lifestyle. It was contagious and could not be hidden. His message will continue to have a trans-generational impact.
— Vishal Jetnarayan

From the last chapter of his book, Supernatural Culture, hear Frans Du Plessis heart:


I did not wait for my healing to manifest before I published this book (Supernatural Culture). So I leave the last chapter unfinished. But I am confident in God that I will live to write this chapter too.

Take courage. God is not finished with you yet. There may still be some outstanding prophecies and promises in your life. Let’s trust God that He will, in due time, fulfill every word He has spoken to us. Although we might be going through the darkest hour of our lives, let us know by faith that our light affliction now is preparing a surpassing glory for us tomorrow. Remember, sorrows only last for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Why? Because God's mercies are new every morning.

Your Redeemer lives. He is the God of the impossible! Shall anything be too hard for our God? May you experience the power of God first-hand in your life!


In March 1986 God woke me up and said these words to me: “There is coming a revival! It will be the greatest revival the earth has ever seen. Miracles so wonderful and some not even recorded in the Bible will occur and thousands upon thousands of souls shall overnight be swept into the Kingdom of God. Not because of good preaching or good organization in the first place, but because of the anointing of God resting on the hearts of men and women who are sold out to God.”

We need more than just a revival. We do not want to go back to the revivals of the past. We need a reformation that will reconstruct the Church and bring the fullness of Christ to the earth. My prayer in these awesome days is:

“God, shake our lives, that complacency, ignorance, unbelief and carnality will make way for the Holy Spirit to change lives. May faith arise in our hearts and may our minds be like the mind of Christ, the Anointed One, not seeking miracles, but Christ, the Miracle Worker, and so to live lives filled with miracles.”

May the Lord God Almighty create a ravenous hunger in your heart for His  miraculous power by the Holy Spirit. May our faith leap together to experience Jesus in His resurrection power. May you experience miracles as a normal way of life. We are not to run after signs, wonders and miracles. As we run after Him, and seek Him and put His Kingdom first, the miraculous will follow and run after us. "And these signs will follow those who believe…” (Mk. 16: 17 NKJV).

This is my prayer for you today:

“Father God, do it again. In Jesus’ name, manifest Your miracle-working power again in our day and in the life of every person who holds this manuscript in his or her hands. May he or she experience Your supernatural intervention today! Amen.”

Your fellow brother in Christ,

Frans du Plessis
10 July 2012