New Book: India Ablaze by Dr. Sandy Kirk

The Father Looks at India

Even now the Father looks down from heaven on the great nation of India, and I’m sure His heart warms.  He sees the beauty of the land He created for your people, from the glistening peaks of the Himalayas in the north, to the jungle covered mountains dotted with tiny villages, to the dazzling waters of the vast Indian Ocean in the south.

 He sees a new India rising with her teeming mass of 1.27 billion people. He sees how the doors have swung open wide to Christianity in the last decade.  With nearly seventy million Christians, He sees the Church growing three times faster than Hinduism, the caste system beginning to fade, and the economy growing in the “new India.”  Home to the largest national diversity on the planet, He sees her shining malls, towering buildings, and spectacular festivals. 

But He also sees how Hinduism, still holding one billion people in its grip in India, has continued to enforce a caste system which has caused untold suffering.  He sees the hunger, the poverty, the millions of ragged orphans wandering the streets, many dying of AIDS.  He sees innocent little children being sold by their parents or kidnapped and trafficked into sex slavery.  He sees the Dalits still carrying the stigma of “untouchable,” but not too untouchable to rape.  He sees them and He longs to embrace them and touch them and flood them with His love. 

In the midst of this grinding suffering and rising prosperity, He thunders, “INDIA NEEDS A REVELATION OF THE LAMB!”

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