Meet the People Behind the Name


Vishal Jetnarayan
Founder & President

Vish is an Author, Speaker and father of 4, loves to travel around the world and is passionate about learning and connecting.  He has a degree in biblical studies and is known by many for his culinary skills. 



Ben Orr
Technology Strategist

Ben is an expert of all things technology. He is married to his beautiful wife Kimberly.  He's a food, wine & beer expert with an interest in extreme facial hair. Pioneer of 



Marti Statler
Acquisitions & Marketing

Marti is joyful and friendly and has 7+ years experience in sales and publishing.  Doesn't eat red meat but has a weakness for sushi.  She is raising 3 beautiful daughters with her husband Jason.  



Selena Jetnarayan
Technology & Photography

Selena is married to the boss man and helps eGen in many capacities.  Aside being a full time mom, she also runs her own successful photography business - Selena J Photography.



Lana Orr

Lana has raised 4 amazing children and is a PSU graduate in engineering.  She's a part time math teacher and handles admin for eGen. 


Who is eGen?

eGen cares about trans-generational building.  We are purpose driven and passionate in seeing the four generations present in the marketplace become unified by unchangeable values.  To make this change in the world happen, we specialize in Digital Media Publishing.  That means if you want to publish a book we do everything from start to finish to make the spreading of your wisdom most effective, high quality and cutting edge.  If you need a website, we'll help you build a site that takes your vision and shares it with the world.  We also do the same with your promo videos, commercials, audio recordings, logos, and any other graphic art. If you have a vision to change the world by impacting culture, we would love to partner with you to take those dreams and turn them into impacts.


Why eGen?

eGen believes in you and your audience.  In everything, we strive to empower you so you can do what you do best.  We believe that every author has the right to keep what he/she has created.  We offer the services to support you and you keep your own copyright.  If you're not pleased with our work, you're free to pursue the best avenue for your vision.  We'll even help you find a better fit if it doesn't work out.  As long as you are leaving a legacy for the generations to come, we're here to serve. Our values of partnership, integrity, excellence and empowerment is visible through the products that are published by us.



How does eGen do it?

eGen loves the rapid technology change occurring.  Everything we do is built around the utmost quality and integrity.  We are constantly updating, evolving, and innovating.  But don't be scared, we'll be there to help you navigate through it all. Technology removes the boundaries of the world and we help you utilize emerging innovations to get your message to the nations.


Where is eGen?

eGen is physically located in 824 Tallow Hill Rd. Chambersburg, PA 17202, but our physical location is just a mailing address.  We work with clients in different parts of the world and have a scope that reaches far beyond the beautiful landscape of Pennsylvania. No matter where you are in the world eGen will help you.